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NanoScale Features - Memory Manangement

Chip RAM

NanoScale provides different memory allocation mechanisms allowing determinism, flexibility and performances for your application.

Fixed-size memory pools implements the standard algorithm for allocation from different pools of fixed-size blocks. It is fast and completely deterministic. In addition, this mechanism can used from ISR and doesn't suffer of fragmentation.

NanoScale also implements a TLSF allocator especially designed to fit RTOS and embedded system needs. TLSF stands for Two-Level Segragated Fit, this algorithm is described on the following web site:

TLSF allocator offers the following advantages:

  • Bounded Response Time. The worst-case execution time (WCET) of memory allocation and deallocation has got to be known in advance and be independent of application data. TLSF has a constant cost O(1).
  • Fast. Additionally to a bounded cost, the allocator has to be efficient and fast enough. TLSF executes a maximum of 168 processor instructions in a x86 architecture. Depending on the compiler version and optimisation flags, it can be slightly lower or higher.
  • EfficientMemoryUse. Traditionally, real-time systems run for long periods of time and some (embedded applications), have strong constraints of memory size. Fragmentation can have a significant impact on such systems. It can increase dramatically, and degrade the system performance. A way to measure this efficiency is the memory fragmentation incurred by the allocator. TLSF has been tested in hundreds of different loads (real-time tasks, general purpose applications, etc.) obtaining an average fragmentation lower than 15 %. The maximum fragmentation measured is lower than 25 %.

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